Canna Bus

Visualists explore the impact of Marijuana legalization.

A percentage of each sale is donated to: Salk Institute

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Higher Times

As an advocate of marijuana, I wanted to create a piece that I felt could strongly relate to. Taking inspiration from portraits of Mary, I wanted the marijuana plant to surround a Mexican figure holding a city, in almost a heavenly and religious like form.

Christine Cheung

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Another Way

For this piece I was driven by the experience I went through with my mother who had survived stage 3 breast cancer and uterus cancer. Her and many others had to endure the crippling side effects such as severe loss of appetite, pain, and neuropathy from chemo therapy. This made the use of excessive narcotics to treat these effects, which my mother hated. She turned to cannabis as an option for treating her symptoms, and as a result, dealt with a lot less pills to take. When I asked her what made cannabis so appealing to her, she simply replied: “so I don’t have to take any pills!” Who could argue with that?

I hope to persuade those who may have a stigma against using cannabis as medical treatment, and the under-representation of alternative medicine as a whole.

Samantha Becerra

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Weed World

A surreal style frame of what the theme parks of the future might look like. It is a far cry from the era of prohibition, but legal marijuana and entertainment could certainly be a match made in heaven. Conceptualizing the possibility of a Weed World theme park brings sentiments of family vacations and road trips as well as the ever growing Marijuana industry.

Whitman Lindstrom

Lead Stories


Canna Bus

Illegal, medical, recreational, depending on the stop. 4:20 will come to those who wait. A blessing, a cure, a mistake, an epidemic? As states legalize and some breathe cloudy sighs of relief, what do you see in the hazy future, in our giddy present, as prohibition goes up in smoke?