Drink What You Sow.

Visualists explore how we affect our planet.

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Confrontation in Blue

I began this piece with the idea of a roaring blue hyena. I wanted the color of this hyena to be similar to that of the water and sky so that they may seem as one ubiquitous representation of nature.

The man has a gas mask and is plucking a yellow flower from the soil near the water's edge. I wanted the piece to suggest a confrontation of man and the natural world.

Zach Mendoza

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The way I usually work is by taking from memories or experiences and blending them together into imagery that either directly comes from a personal stance or it may have originated as personal and it takes on a more universal approach. In Resilience, I wanted to show how fragile life is and its survival strength. The trigger was - that my daughter was diagnosed with cancer but she remained strong to stay alive despite all odds. Then, my focus shifted and I thought about life in general or the state of life in our world in general. I began to imagine a strong tree trunk severed to show its years (its rings), that although damaged it pushes to extend its roots infinitely into a distant horizon. – This is the element of survival. On this tree trunk an egg (Life) is tilted on the verge of falling. This egg now began to represent the life of our earth and how fragile it is (the egg has speckles that are painted like continents -This life is our earth). By tilting it to a threatening angle, it instigates awareness of its current condition. A medical lamp hovers as a healing element, dimly lighting the egg (our earth) with a lit bulb from this lamp that shows no signs of being plugged. There is no rhyme or reason why this lamp should work, why the bulb should illuminate, but it does. This lamp is the element of hope. From deforestation to air pollution, soil degradation or species extinction, Resilience is about believing that we cannot lose hope when it comes to saving our planet. It has existed for billions of years, it is strong, and we have the power in our hands to ignite that hope and create awareness.

Stephanie Leonard

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Ignored warning

James Hansen has been warning us for years about global warming, are we finally ready to listen?

Jaya Nicely

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The Climate is Changing

The planet is slowly changing, and the responsibility is on our shoulders. The nuanced parameters that we need to survive on this world are falling askew, and we have seen cities around the world struggle with this burden. What will it take to get our own citizens to realize the impending doom if we allow ourselves to continue with our actions unchecked? For this piece, I've created an illustration of our warm home of Los Angeles falling victim to rising sea levels, as the world literally folds over onto itself. The artwork is an illustration before the moment of impact, and that moment is now.

Leonardo Santamaria

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People Suck

"The message behind this painting is that humans need to stop the unnecessary habit of one-time use plastic and reduce our impact on the environment.

My intention is to bring more awareness to this problem through my art in a playful way. I am inspired by the recent wave of campaigns against one-time use plastic and ocean pollution. I hope this painting inspires more people to make a change and that change starts on an individual level. People suck, but a person doesn't have to. Let's keep our oceans healthy!"

Whitman Lindstrom

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Drink What You Sow.

The science is in — and climate change grabs hold of the world in a slow grasp. Each breath, each drink, each storm, each bite -- karma. As we struggle with action, we find ourselves, our ecosystem, our homes, and our bodies affected. When you look skyward, what do you see in the clouds on the horizon?