We're Going to Mars

Visualists explore Mars colonization.

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A Day Like Any Other

I would imagine if we were ever so lucky to be an interplanetary species, the humans who grew up on Mars would be just as curious about Earth as we are of their planet.

Ileane Soon

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Rebuild and Rejoice

With news and information about the threats global warming presents every year, I've always imagined what the future holds for Earth, and where we would go, should the worst of these consequences catch up to us. If it does, I dream of the journey to our neighboring planet be a time of coming together and rebuilding as a community, to escape the turmoil and conflict that may eventually lead to the doom of our own planet and find a brighter future for mankind.

Megan Swieton

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Go F'rth

I created “Go F'rth” with a playful yet somber message in mind about the history of human impact on our planet and the potential fate of other celestial bodies that might one day be colonized by humans. It was fun to conceptualize the idea of future space exploration or colonization while maintaining a simple message about the habits and risks of human habitation. The idea of possibly making space travel a common thing for the public is very intriguing but also concerning when we look at how we have treated our own planet.

Whitman Lindstrom

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Making Mars our new home

I wanted to create a tribute to the late Stephen Hawking who passed earlier this year. His contributions to science and warnings of forthcoming destruction are of the utmost importance, and if he's correct, then we'll all be colonizing other planets in the next 300 years.

Jaya Nicely

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We're Going to Mars

Fascinated by other planets, a hope for the human race, and taking Steven Hawking’s advice -- we go forth and multiply. Are we breaking boundaries? Are we polluting the solar system? Are we achieving the dreams previously the stuff of comics? What will we find there? Who will we be? What do you see in our most giant leap?