Stand Up

Visualists Explore the Topic of Equal Rights and Protection.

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Every Rose Has Its Thorns

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Samantha Becerra

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Stand Up

It is so encouraging to see those that have struggled raise their voices together, and support those that are trying in solidarity, for a better future.

Ileane Soon

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I wanted to illustrate the person's inner self

Ha Gyung Lee

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Stand Up

In this piece, I wanted to reference Eugene Delacroix's famous "Liberty Leading the People". I attempted to also explore a visual landscape which felt like the aftermath of a shipwreck.

Zach Mendoza

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Hit Me

Not only a target of sexual assault, but also a target of criticism.

The #metoo movement has been empowering for many, but on the flipside, it also brought out plenty of ugliness. These are various statements that get applied to every victim and it's a disparaging act that needs to stop. It sends the message that violation of a person's body without their permission is not only permissible, but its also his/her fault.

Diane Nguyen

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A portrait of a woman who is gazing off to the side, and her existence is fading away. Upon closer inspection, we realize that the eye is looking at us, and there is another face subtly hidden in the visage.

Leonardo Santamaria

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Statutes of Limitation

I created this piece because as a woman, I have been strongly drawn to movements and stories about other courageous women speaking out about their traumatic experiences. I feel it is so necessary for those to find healing. The dramatic rise of female empowerment have made more women fighting for justice, no matter what it takes and refuse to be silent about their stories.

Christine Cheung

Lead Stories

Human Rights

Stand Up

Those that have struggled in silence raise their voices together. The redfaced giants -- now small and grasping their souls. A tsunami has washed over our country, ripping the hiding places apart and carving a new path. From contrition to denial, from justice to trespass -- does our shame allow space to lift our gaze to a better future?